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Standard Minivan

  • Dodge Grand Caravan [ + ] Vehicle Details
    One of the most popular minivans on the market, the Dodge Grand Caravan seats 7 people, gets a 17-25 mpg, and has a versatile cargo space that ranges between 33 and 143 cubic feet, depending on its fold-down seats. This minivan is one of America's favorite for a reason - it combines a still powerful engine and responsive steering with convenient interior features for an over all pleasant and quite affordable ride.

12 Passenger Van Low Roof

  • Chevy Express [ + ] Vehicle Details
    The Chevy Express has 15-20 mpg, can seat 12 passengers, but also skimps on family-oriented amenities. This van has a large turning circle and can be a little tough to drive but it certainly gets the job done with its all-wheel drive and a generous towing capacity.

12 Passenger Van Mid Roof

  • 12 Passenger Ford Transit Mid Roof [ + ] Vehicle Details
    Spacious interiors, seating for 12 with lot's of cargo room and a commanding road presence define the Ford Transit 12 passenger van with the Hi Top roof. No need to stoop down unless you're 9 feet tall in this van. Walk upright down the center aisle and lean back in comfortable captain style seating for 8 of the 12 seats in this road king of a van.

15 Passenger Van Low Roof

  • Ford Transit 350 Wagon [ + ] Vehicle Details
    The Ford Transit 350 seats 15 passengers and gets 14-19 mpg, which is pretty good for its class. This vehicle takes the passenger comfort up a notch with re-styled seats, but the cargo space remains very limited, with only a handful of storage space available under some seats and in between rows. This van provides a slightly more comfortable ride with less 'truck-like" characteristics and more pleasant road manners.

15 Passenger Van Mid Roof

Mini Van