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Sport Utilities

Compact SUV

Standard SUV

  • Hyundai Santa Fe [ + ] Vehicle Details
    The Santa Fe Sport edition delivers with a combination of slippery aerodynamics, light weight, a 6-speed transmission and state-of-the-art direct injection on all of its engines. The resulting driving experience combines the high ride of an SUV with the exhilarating performance of a sport sedan.
  • Chevy Equinox [ + ] Vehicle Details
    The Chevy Equinox has 22-32 mpg and an a spacious 31.5-63.7 cubic feet of cargo space, which is above average for its class and plenty of leg room. This car is great for long highway drives with its quiet ride that favors comfort over athleticism.

Full Size SUV

Extra Large SUV

  • Chevy Suburban [ + ] Vehicle Details
    The Chevy Suburban offers a 16-23 mpg. Its cargo space ranges from 39.3 to 76.7 to a maximum of 121 cubic feet, depending on how many seats or rows are folded in the back. The Suburban's ample interior can seat up to 8 people comfortably, though the back seat is best reserved for kids. With its smooth ride and use-friendly interior, this is a great car for large families.
  • Ford Expedition Max [ + ] Vehicle Details
    The Ford Expedition has an impressive 16-22 mpg, and can seat eight passengers, comfortably, even in its third row. The Expedition has up to 108.3 cubic feet of cargo space. Drivers report that the Expedition's engine offers ample power, making highway passing easy. Additionally accurate steering makes for a comfortable ride.

Chevy Suburban

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross