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Long Term Rentals with NextCar of Clearwater

Long Term Car Rental in Clearwater, Florida

Florida is is a popular state for many reasons, not least among them is its warmth. During winter months, as the northern parts of America becomes frigid and gray, Florida is the warm oasis, a home away from home for many people.

As people flock to Florida for days, weeks and even months at a time NextCar in Clearwater has a perfect transportation solution - long term rentals. For temporary residents who are staying in the state for the winter or any other part of the year, for would-be travelers who are thinking of a road trip, or even for Clearwater residents whose circumstances result in them needing a car indefinitely, Long term rental with NextCar of Clearwater is the answer you're looking for, when the question is 'What do we do about a car?'

Why Long Term Rental Is Right For You 

NextCar of Clearwater makes long-term rentals an easy, committment-free and economical choice. Rentals are typically renewed on a month-to-month basis, giving you more control of your rental contract. A single month's rental usually comes with up to 4 free days. Most car classes come with unlimited mileage and are allowed to travel anywhere within the US border, making this the perfect choice for road-trips. And of course, if you love your rental car, it's available for purchase! We have a variety of car classes for you to choose from, from economy for a frugal traveler or a couple, to minivans and SUVs for the whole family! 

Do you have an question about our long term rentals? Contact us at (727) 724-0444, or fill out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


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