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Join NextCar NextPress Club and bypass the counter at BWI airport!

You spoke and we listened - for customer's flying in to BWI Airport, our NextPress Club is all about making your car rental experience faster.

Benefits of the NextPress Club:

Wave to the NextCar rep at the counter as you walk by – Instead of waiting in line, you will proceed directly to our Kiosk in the BWI rental car garage, where you will be handed the keys to your car.  We now are even able to issue your key directly to your phone, learn about Phone as a Key, an exclusive benefit for NextPress VIP Club members. 

Choose your coverage preferences ahead of time, we’ll store them for your future rentals.

To get started, either upgrade your existing NextCar membership to NextPress or join now and opt in to NextPress in our member enrollment process.  Remember, for now NextPress is only for returning NextCar customers flying into BWI airport.  You must have rented from NextCar at least once to qualify for NextPress. 

We are working on developing a similar program for our other stores, but for now, NextPress is for fly in customers renting at and returning at BWI airport. 

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