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Moving Trucks

Standard 1/2 Ton Pick-UP

  • F-150 Work Truck [ + ] Vehicle Details
    This model of F-150 can carry 3 people on its bench seat and has 18-25 mpg. The truck best is 8 ft long. While this truck will pull its load and provide agile handling, the cabin remains spacious and comfortable.
  • GMC Sierra [ + ] Vehicle Details
    The GMC Sierra has 16/23 mpg and the vehicles in our fleet come with an 8 ft cargo bed with liner. Whether for work or for play, this is a great and practical truck that has a relatively comfortable ride and great road feedback. It also has powerful brakes that help the truck stop with confidence regardless of its load.

Cargo Van Low Roof

  • Ford Transit 250 [ + ] Vehicle Details
    The Ford Transit offers a 14/19 mpg and up to 246.7 cubic feet of cargo volume, depending on the model.This van is easy to drive on the highway as well as in the city. Its large windshield provides great visibility, while the handling is stable and steering is responsive.
  • GMC Savana [ + ] Vehicle Details
    The GMC Savana is a working van and provides 15/20 mpg. It has a 10 ft cargo area, with 239.7 cubic feet of cargo space inside. Critics say it's a versatile, if basic, van that's built for carrying cargo or passengers, not for performance.

16 Foot Truck w/ Ramp

  • Ford E Series 16 Foot [ + ] Vehicle Details
    Ford E Series seats 2 people comfortably and offers a 8-12 mpg. This is a popular choice for light deliveries and city driving. The van truck provides tight maneuverability and easy operation and is ideal for local and low-mileage deliveries.