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Franchising with Nextcar

A brand on a mission...

Nextcar is the newest franchised car rental company of the IFS family of car rental brands.  Nextcar began as one of the strongest local market franchised car rental operations in the country, managed by a team of talented car rental professionals that consistently outperformed their peers in bigger markets.   During a protracted but ultimately mutually agreed upon separation from their parent brand, Nextcar was founded on the guiding principles of professionalism, rigorous and constant market analysis, and superior customer service.  

The team behind the Nextcar brand features human assets in key positions that bring decades of real world car rental experience to our franchise operations.  They have proven themselves to be nimble enough to not only survive the economic challenges and market upheavals of the last decade, but to expand and solidify their market position during that challenging time.    

Since its inception in 2003, Nextcar has grown to become the largest independent car rental company in the Mid Atlantic area with a fleet of 3,000 vehicles across 16 locations.  Nextcar is owned by the Fitzgerald Group of companies, ranked by Automotive News as one of the top 75 car dealership groups in the United States.  With the strength of the Fitzgerald Group, and an experienced and polished team of car rental professionals at the helm, Nextcar is a brand on a mission.

A decade of expansion driven by our customers

Nextcar entered the marketplace in Baltimore/Washington as a disruptive newcomer with a fleet unlike any of competitors in the area.  Nextcar found its niche as the go to agency for specialty vehicles like the Hummer H2 and the Toyota Prius when both of those distinctive vehicles were still novel.

Customers quickly latched on to the brand's unique combination of high quality rental vehicles, competitive rates and next level customer service, fueling the company's growth over the course of the ensuing decade. 

Taking care of our customer's needs is a top priority at Nextcar, and our Net Promoter Scores prove that our company consistently outperforms our competition.   We survey every customer after every rental, and utilize the Net Promoter System to measure how well we are handling our customers. Netxcar averages a 50+ NPS score.  Based on publicly available data, our major car rental competitors scores range from 12-26.  

How do we double the national average in this key metric?  It's very simple, we listen to our customers.  We fleet the kind of vehicles that they tell us they want to rent.  We emphasize cleanliness, safety and quality in our daily operations and we instill those pronciples in all of our training and support.  Nextcar has rediscovered a very simple truth - when we take care of the customer, the customer returns the next time they need a rental, and they recommend us to their friends and family.  Our own customers have been are greatest ally in our growth. 

The journey from local market to airport 

In 2014 Nextcar successfully bid on an open slot in the car rental facility at BWI airport, elbowing its way past several nationally recognized competitors.  With its BWI airport location secured, the company began its quest to launch on the major travel websites and in conjunction with its sister companies under the IFS flag, Nextcar debuted on Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and Kayak in February of 2015 - just in time to support the launch of the BWI store.  Nextcar is the only independent car rental company with an on-site presence at BWI Airport, a position that was only awarded after considerable due diligence by the Maryland Aviation Administration; a signal of the overall health of our company. 

Seeking the right partners to help spread the brand

In late 2015, Nextcar gained approval from the FTC to begin offering its rental car franchise in every US state.  Nextcar is seeking motivated entrepreneurs with a passion for customer service to join us in our quest to establish a superior, franchised car rental company.  We see Nextcar as a 5 star opportunity for growth.  We're seeking motivated franchisees who will follow our system and guidance to expand Nextcar in both local market and airport stores across the US and internationally.   

Benefits of Joining our Franchise System

  • Site Selection assistance including demographic and competitive analysis
  • Business management assistance including training and on-site and off-site support
  • Vehicle fleet buying team, including access to closed factory sales for most major manufacturers
  • Vehicle Fleet financing through our in-house leasing program and through our network of preferred lenders
  • Access to our proprietary integrated reservation and point of sale computer system
  • Our proprietary business management software tracks fleet depreciation and maintenance, manages availability and customer reservations from multiple endpoints, and integrates with online and in store payment gateways.  
  • Training from our award winning adult learning specialist, access to our on line university and ongoing web based training resources
  • Preferred pricing through our network of suppliers
  • Ongoing support in the pre-opening and post opening phases of the franchise launch, and throughout the life of the franchise

If you're a motivated and well qualified individual that understands that taking care of the customer is job one, please contact our Director of Franchise Development, John Poisson, at 240-554-6114, or email jp@interfransystems.com