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Franchising with Nextcar

A brand on a mission...

NextCar is the newest franchised car rental company of the NP AutoGroup family of car rental brands.  NextCar began as one of the strongest local market franchised car rental operations in the country, managed by a team of talented car rental professionals that consistently outperformed their peers in bigger markets.   During a protracted but ultimately mutually agreed upon separation from their parent brand, NextCar was founded on the guiding principles of professionalism, rigorous and constant market analysis, and superior customer service.  

The team behind the NextCar brand features human assets in key positions that bring decades of real world car rental experience to our franchise operations.  They have proven themselves to be nimble enough to not only survive the economic challenges and market upheavals of the last decade, but to expand and solidify their market position during that challenging time.    

Since its inception in 2003, NextCar has grown to become the largest independent car rental company in the Mid Atlantic area with a fleet of 3,000 vehicles across 16 locations.  NextCar is owned by the Fitzgerald Group of companies, ranked by Automotive News as one of the top 75 car dealership groups in the United States.  With the strength of the Fitzgerald Group, and an experienced and polished team of car rental professionals at the helm, NextCar is a brand on a mission.

Interested in a Franchise?  Either complete the form on this page and a representative will respond to you, or for immeadiate assitance, contact our franchise development manager Jon Dill at (240) 581-1389.